Thursday, October 27, 2011

Completely Forgot BIG News!!!

It occurred to me right after I posted about Tatum's twelfth week that in Matt's third week of work he got a promotion!!!  

As some of you know, my dad works at MACU as well and helped Matt get his foot in the door.  Matt was placed at a different location from my dad which help him build his own reputation as a great employee on his own.  He went in with the mindset to really set his nose to the grindstone, and he certainly accomplished that! When he called me with the news I couldn't believe it! We were hoping for a promotion in the next six months, but never did I think it would have happened that fast!  It really was a God thing, because so many little "coincidences" had to come into play.

So congrats, my big wonderful Mountain Man! I'm so grateful for you to have a job that not just recognizes your talent, ability and character, but acts on it as well!

In other thoughts, we're temporarily living with my parents and so far its been working splendidly (right, Mom and Dad?).  They've obviously loved being able to see Tatum (oh, and us...) every day and its been really nice having extra hands to rock and feed and play with her.

Here's Miss Tatum with her Poppie learning how to hold a drumstick (she doesn't seem terribly interested):

And her Nonnie, singing some silly song:

And this is our temporary bedroom:

Tatum graduated from a bassinet to a pack n' play this last weekend, as she was too big for the bassinet anymore! She would stretch in her sleep and knock the sides of it and wake herself up!  The new pack n' play plus a mobile keeps her happy for loooong periods of time!

And I was taking this pic for the Colorado Currans who sent us this outfit, but it was too adorable not to share!

Tomorrow night is a costume party...stay tuned to see what Matt and I dress up as! (YES, I got Matt to dress up!!!)

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