Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tatum's Twelfth Week

Hooray for twelve weeks of life!!!

Again, this week there were so many good pictures I had a hard time choosing!
She's a lady of many faces:




Dazed and Confused.
(but not like the movie)



She's generally a pretty happy and easy baby.  She laughs and giggles a lot, and thinks its especially funny when I sing her a lullaby at night to try to get her to sleep.

Oh, and I cut bangs.

I love having hair that grows ridiculously fast. I cut these last Thursday and had to cut them again yesterday!

And since this blog occasionally offers how-to's, I thought I'd offer my:

How to go grocery shopping with a baby.

1.  Get baby in car seat.

2. Drive to store.  Hope baby is sufficiently entertained by dangling toy to not cry.

3. Put baby in baby carrier or grocery cart.

4. Arm yourself with binkies and stupid faces you thought you'd never make in public.

5. Hope for the best.

That's all I got for ya.

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