Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Tatum had her first trip to the pumpkin patch! And we finally got a few more decent family pictures, since the only one of the three of us (other than sitting on the couch covered in spit up) was from when she was 4 days old!

Tatum was being a bit shy at first...she had just been woken up and taken from a warm car seat to a chilly fall evening.

That orange hat was the hat she came home from the birth center in--it hardly fits her now!

This pumpkin patch was out in Arcadia and was so darn cute! 

 There wasn't an actual pumpkin "patch," like the one we went to last year, but there was still a lot to see! 
And this last picture reminds me of a picture from last year...

Guess I just swapped a pumpkin for a baby! 
And remind me to never cut my hair so short again.

Tatum got to meet a few animals, but she wasn't that interested.

Matt got to be a kid as well...

On a tractor with her Poppie...and this had my dad singing "Take you for a ride on my big green tractor" the rest of the evening...

I just really like this picture.

They had a corn maze, but as it was getting dark and we really didn't want to spend forever in it, we only went partway in...

This tunnel was gourds growing all over it!

Tatum did not want to ride the pony. And can we all just note how chic my daughter is in her skinny jeans and boots? Freaking adorable.

And this is OKRA.  I grew up eating it, but had never seen it still on the plant! I didn't know they grew this tall! (For you Californians, okra is a vegetable.  I grew up eating it fried in leftover batter from cornbread along with red beans...still one of my favorite meals.)

I love how cute and red her nose and cheeks got! (don't worry, you moms, she had plenty of layers on plus a thick blanket!)

And how cute is this? They had a Cinderella carriage! I had to get a shot with my Prince!

All in all, loverly time at the pumpkin patch and we picked out three small pumpkins on the way out...but Tatum was passed out by that time so you'll have to stay tuned for pumpkin carving!

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  1. What a beautiful Pumpkin Patch!! I especially love the picture of the Bride and Prince Charming!! Very sweet! Your baby is adorable!!