Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tatum's Ninth Week

WE MADE IT TO OKLAHOMA! And since we're in the heartland of good ole' Americana I thought Old Glory would be appropriate for this weeks picture (actually it was my mom's idea):

I just got internet in our room so I'm reconnected to the technological world again.  These past few weeks have been great, exhausting, wonderful, hard, energizing, tiring and SUCH an experience!

Through it all, Tatum has been SUCH a little trooper! She got overwhelmed and had her melt-downs, but then again so did I.  I'll tell you later about the danged Taco Bell in Flagstaff, but let's just say Tatum might have more long suffering than I have.

We arrived in Edmond, OK last Saturday night and my brother and Dad got to meet Tatum for the first time

She did/does have her first little cold, and no wonder going through seven states and meeting well over 100 people in a week and a half! But we're taking it easy now and on the mend.

Matt started his job on Monday and really thinks he is going to enjoy it.  He even has his own office!  He's excited to be able to help people, and get to see the fruit of it as well.  Part of what he always liked working at REI was hearing people's stories--where they were going camping or what river they were going to kayak.  But at MACU not only does he get to talk to people and hear their stories, but keep in contact with them and see them go through a program and get their degree.  We definitely feel this was the right move for us.

That's all I've got energy for tonight--I'd better try to get to sleep while the baby girl is asleep!

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