Sunday, February 14, 2010

Challenge Days 28-33 & St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

No, I have not given up on the Challenge.

Yes, this is beginning to get a bit old.

And yes, I do have a lot more clothes than I realized. Just one closetful has produced 34 days so far! You saw the pictures on Day 1...only one side of my closet has didn't look like that many!

But lo and behold, here we are. Today will be Day 35, and I'm preparing myself for interesting combinations. I spent half an hour this morning trying to make this summery tank work with these wintery gray pants. I gave up on that one...the tank will have to wait for a round of jeans, I think.

Here's a crash course of pictures:

Day 28

My favorite thing about this picture is the way Roy's ears make him look like a bat. I've got an armful of all hit toys stuffed with hidden treats to keep him busy while we're at work...he doesn't mind us going to work so much now.

Day 29 I forgot to take a picture which is a shame since I like my outfit that day. Professional chic. But you'll have to take my word for it.

Day 30...again Roy with the Bat Dog ears.

Bat Dog...doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo BAT dog! (Ok, that was the old Batman theme in case you didn't catch that)

Oh, and this was the day that I threw on these big ugly boots I wear to take Roy out when its raining...and forgot to take them off when I went to work. The combination of the hat, sweater, and boots led a coworker to call me the Bolshevik.


Day 31 was Saturday, and I threw on something semi-respectable since we went to look at an apartment in Issaquah (we're probably going to move soon).

No luck with the apartment...or taking a picture for that matter.

Day 32.

Ah Valentine's Day.

The day where most men are guilted into roses and chocolates and women are guilted into wearing lingerie. Just kidding. Maybe.

I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan as I think its hyped up, but there's never a bad reason to tell my Matt I love him, or eat a nice dinner, or look nice for that matter.

I originally had the table set and ready for dinner (I cheated and got a gourmet organic frozen dinner from a little place called Eat Local...40 minutes in the oven and we had superb Beef Wellington!). The Olympics are going on, in case you haven't noticed, and I planned on watching the figure skating at 7 (when they claimed they would show it) and when Matt would still be at work or walking Roy. Then we could enjoy a nice dinner.

NBC had other plans. They stretched the figure skating from 8 until nearly midnight! To show what a good sport he is, Matt let me move the dinner to the coffee table and we spent Valentine's Day watching pairs figure skating. That's love.

I thought I'd give him something nice to look at since he was having to put up with triple axles and all that jazz.

Today's Charity Spotlight goes to Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation.

Their mission reads:

Founded in 1983, the Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation's primary mission is to provide health care to the poor of Haiti in the rural area of Fond Des Blancs and the surrounding region. This is done through the Saint Boniface Hospital, work retreats, and other projects. The secondary mission is to improve the quality of life in the Haitian community through educational programs and humanitarian aid. The final mission is to raise awareness in the United States of the extreme poverty endured by the Haitian people. In the past year approximately 50,000 patients were seen at the Saint Boniface Hospital.

Since the earthquake over a month ago (can you believe its been that long?), they have worked with other organizations to get supplies for the hospital, which is currently still full. It was far enough from the epicenter to avoid any structural damage, though some of their other buildings did sustain some damage.

To donate to the Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation, click HERE.