Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wardrobe Challenge Day 19 & Run for Mobility

Look! I actually did a post one day after the other!


Here is Day 19 and a tour of our dining room.

Note the Lodge Dutch oven waiting to be taken back to Target, the bottle of wine and card games left out from the night before, and our half chewed marriage certificate hanging on the wall (compliments of Roy).

I like this snapshot of our life.

A bit messy with elements of our life interwoven with pictures of the past. See the lantern way in the back? That was the main component of our wedding centerpieces (which were gorgeous, thank you Charlene).

This was a Goodwill sweater originally from Banana Republic. Some days I like it, some days I don't. I didn't really today, don't ask me why.

The pants are a combination of skinny/riding pants I was talked into buying by my dear friend Nadine. She advised me, however, that I have to wear black pumps with it at all costs.

No longer owning a pair of black pumps and not wanting to wear my knee high stiletto boots for fear of looking "vitch-ous" (as my mom would say...you get my drift), my only option was ballet flats.

Maybe thats why I didn't like the sweater today...too much rotundness and not enough height.

Aren't you glad to be reading this psychobabble of mine?

Let's move on to a charity!

Since I haven't heard from anyone recently today I'll spotlight a charity supported by someone who's blog I regularly read. She's a So Cal girl, Rachel Reeves, who writes at No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

Rachel, if you don't mind I'm just going to let people read about the Free Wheelchair Mission in your own words.

"Free WheelChair Mission is an extraordinary organization, founded by Don Shoendorfer. After a trip with his wife to Morocco, Don was haunted and transformed by the amount of people he saw who had little to no physical mobility. Literally dragging themselves across streets because of physical deformities. They had no means by which to walk. They had no money to help themselves. They had no mobility.

And so....in 2001, Don built 4 prototypes and took them to India.

And Free WheelChair mission was born.

And lives began to change."

I keep going to summarize what she writes but there's not a part I want to take out--Rachel really captures the hope that these chairs can bring to people:

"When I see these pictures, my heart soars. People who would otherwise have no means by which to travel or move. No way to walk down the street....they are now able. And they are changed.

Because no one should have to crawl.

You know what the most wonderful part is about this organization? They are able to construct a entire wheelchair for $60.00. I almost fell over when I learned this. For $60.00, someone's ENTIRE LIFE is changed. Different forever and never to return to the way it was. A smile is put on a childs face, who looked at life from the ground. An adult that has spent the greater portion of his or her life crawling, is now able to move quickly and with dignity.

For $60.00.


Rachel is going to run the 5th Annual Run For Mobility Race on February 7th. The Free Wheelchair Mission has partnered with the Surf City Marathon and the marathon takes place in Huntington Beach.

As far as how this relates to Haiti, on FWM's website they state:

HERE’S WHAT WE’RE DOING: (as of 1/28/10)

100 wheelchairs have already been delivered

300 more are in-country and being prepared for distribution.

200 have been provided to Direct Relief International,and are currently en-route to Port-au-Prince.

A container of 550 wheelchairs has been donated byour manufacturers in Shanghai.

2 more containers will soon leave Shanghai for the Dominican Republic,where they will be off loaded and trucked across the border into Haiti.

Several of our current partners are working closely with FWM to arrangelogistics for additional containers to be delivered.

To help sponsor Rachel, who is running for those who can't, click HERE.

And if you're in the Orange County area consider dropping by the race and cheering her on--wish I could be there too!

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  1. Kait--thank you SO much for sharing this with everyone! I am so excited about what the Lord will do!
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