Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wardrobe Challenge Days 20-22 & Booooooom Auction

Once again I ran out the door forgetting to snap a picture of the outfit of the day.

Its getting down to the bare bones, ladies and gents. There are a few things that are just too light and summery to do when its 45 degrees outside...those are in the spare room closet anyways so out of sight out of mind, right? That said I'm drawing close to finishing my first round of "bottoms."

Anyways, when I got home Tuesday evening I asked Matt to snap a pic of me and the Roy Boy for a post. Roy was on the couch with me, way over-excited that I was home (isn't that a great feeling?), and I took the camera from Matt and was scrolling through the pics.

Deciding to try a self portriat I held the camera at arm's length and said Roy's name to get him to look at the camera.

He did this instead.

A big slobbery kiss right in the ear!

Gotta love dogs, right? You don't see that kind of affection from a cat.

Day 21 was the day of my last pair of jeans. I've held onto them until the end...they're my favorites. With heels and a blazer I felt 20 pounds they say on What Not To Wear, "structured jacket, straight leg jeans and pointy toed heels are all you need!"

And all God's children said "amen."

I'm running out of posing options, can you tell? I mean, did you really want to see me brushing my teeth?


Too bad.

That night I came home to find Roy had reached a new low.

Now, its been awhile since he really chewed anything up and we're good not to leave any books or magazines within easy grabbing...those being his guilty pleasures and all.

That dog pulled two books out of the bookcase. I don't know how he did it without disturbing the rest of them but, dexterous as he is, he got them.

One was just a pamphlet (extra papery, his favorite), and the other was Dave Ramsey's book that kicked us off on the No Spend Month in July.

Roy hasn't gotten quite as many treats or goodies since then...I think this might be his way of telling us he doesn't like the new budget.

Anyways, after yelling at him until he was sufficiently sorry and taking up the respectable amount of silent treatment I went to work wearing him out for the next day so there wouldn't be a repeat.

Oh, and I moved the bookshelf into the living room to avoid future displays of rebellion (in the form of eating books, at least).

After indoor fetch, a half hour of training and playing "Find It" (I make him stay in one part of the house, hide a treat in the other and say "find it!" and he sniffs it out), we ventured into the rain for a looong hour walk. Up and down many hills.

Then I made him work for his dinner by putting it in his Buddy Ball that he has to knock around to get the food out. By the time he was done he plopped down by my feet and passed out. And guess what? No torn books the next day!

I swear that dog has PMS or something and just goes a little haywire every now and then!

On to Day 22.

Only skirts left, now. This one I was putting off...another hippie one. But browsing through some of the Spring 2010 runway looks it seems the little house on the prairie look is back in style.

What I'm grateful for about this challenge is that it reminds me why I have certain things. After wearing this skirt I vowed to wear it more often...something about having a skirt swishing around my ankles makes me kinda happy.

Charity spotlight today is actually a big different. I first heard about it from Daily Candy's emails that get sent out. Its an art fundraiser online through Booooooom. Artists have donated some of their works and the proceeds all go towards Haiti. More specifially it links to Google's relief page for Haiti and the proceeds go either towards UNICEF or CARE (artist's choosing, I believe).

Some of these may already be sold but I thought they were rather nifty and wanted to give you a sample of some of the work being sold.

I don't know why I like that last one so much. Its called "Gullshrooms." hee hee.

Anyways, you can go online to to see the other pieces of art and maybe get a piece of art in exchange for your donation!

Coming up: the end of my first round of pants/skirts and a return to beloved blue jeans!

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