Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wardrobe Challenge Days 26,27 & Mission Aviation

First off I'm sure you're getting a bit tired of just seeing boring ole' pics of me in my various concoctions of outfits. Frankly I am too.

So here's a little break from the norm and a highlight of, not exactly a charity, but a product that my mom got as a stocking stuffer for me this last Christmas.

Yes, ladies and gents. Certified 100% pure chicken poop. Actually its lip balm and as it says on the tube in small print "CONTAINS NO POOP."

That's such a funny word, poop. See? Even you're smiling now.

Poop. Poop. Poop.

Haha, I'm crackin' myself up over here.

Their explanation for the name of this lip balm is:
Grandpa says:If ya got dry lips put chicken poop on 'em so ya won't lick 'em.

There's even a website: http://www.ilovechickenpoop.com/

Funny stuff, I gotta say. And darn good chap stick, too.

Secondly, you know what I forgot to tell you about? My early morning trip with Roy to drop Matt off at the airport. Gong!

Matt flew out early Saturday morning to go to San Francisco for a wedding and needed to be at the airport around 7ish. At the airport we said our goodbye and I told him I would hold Roy’s leash while he opened up the back of my 4Runner to get his bag.

In my pre-coffee haze, my thought process was I’ll get in the driver’s seat and then turn around to hold Roy.

Only it didn’t take Matt that long to walk from the driver’s door to the back…

I was halfway to the driver’s seat when I hear the rear door open and Matt go “Woops!” I realized what happened, gave a little yell and turned to see Roy halfway out of the car and Matt holding Roy like a linebacker holding off a charge. With superhuman strength, Matt shoved Roy back into the car and I grabbed his collar. Matt waved goodbye, I buckled in and drove away.

Then the real fun began.

Roy was jumping from the back seat to the rear of the car and whining like a maniac as he watched us pull away from Matt. Then his leash got caught in between the seats and in his state of panic he turned ‘round and ‘round, effectively hog-tying himself. When he could turn no more he gave a pathetic “Harumph!” and literally fell over sideways onto the seat.

If you think I’m some horrible mother for letting him do this without trying to help, I was actually merging from one freeway to another and still trying to get him to untie with my free hand. He was pulled so tight, though, that I couldn’t even unlatch his leash from his choke chain. Poor baby.

After he flopped over he began chewing on his leash in an attempt to free himself. An exit finally appeared and I pulled over and let him loose, whereupon he immediately crawled in the front seat and tried to deposit himself in my lap. We compromised and I let him lay in the front seat with his head on my lap and one paw on my leg…he’s a touchy-feely kinda guy.

Feeling sorry for my Roy Boy, I decided to take him to the dog park to blow off some steam.

My reasons were as follows:
1. It was still early and there probably wouldn’t be many dogs.
2. It hadn’t rained much in the past few days so it wouldn’t be muddy.
3. If it was a bit muddy, I had a towel in the backseat.

People, never trust my reasons before I’ve had my first cup of coffee.

First off there were dogs there, which launches Roy into his insane-crazy-hyper dog mode.

Second, there was a good four inches of mud.

Dismissing the mud because of the aforementioned towel I let Roy romp away. When it was time to go, though, I discovered that I did not, indeed, have a towel.

And when I opened the passenger door to look for one Roy bounded up without an invitation…leaving my seats soaked in mud.

I did manage to scrounge up some paper towels and got the majority of the gunk off his feet, but if you’re in the area and I offer you a ride, you may want to ask if I’ve had my car cleaned recently.

We returned home where after a game of fetch and tug-o-war and a big breakfast, Roy promptly passed out.

It was 9:00 am.

Here's Day 26...so glad to be back in a pair of blue jeans! It seemed like forever!!!

I look awfully proud, don't I? Hmm.

And here's yesterday, Day 27. Once again forgot to take a pic at home but snapped one in the car with my phone on the way to work. My favorite part about this whole outfit were the yellow plastic rose stud earrings. Love 'em.

Thanks again to Abbey Ludwig for more charities! Today's spotlight goes to Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Their Mission Statement reads:

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.

Click here button to watch Transforming Lives, a short video about the ministry of MAF

Serving 1,000 Christian and Humanitarian Organizations Through …

A fleet of 55 aircraft flying some 2.59 million miles each year in the remote regions of the world.
More Info...

Communications and Information Technology
Communications services to isolated areas worldwide, including email, HF/VHF radios, VSAT broadband Internet access, and networking solutions.
More Info...

Learning Technologies
Strategic distance learning tools and support to help meet the critical need for trained Christian leadership in developing countries.
More Info...

In Haiti, MAF has established a satellite communications center at the Port-au-Prince airport, allowing relief agencies to effectively communicate with those in and outside of Haiti. The MAF hangar has become a logistics point for aid organizations bringing food, water, medicines, and other relief supplies into this devastated country. MAF relief flights transport teams of medical and relief workers to remote areas.

To donate to Mission Aviation Fellowship, click HERE.

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