Monday, February 8, 2010

Challenge Days 23-25 & Samaritan's Purse

Y'all might be wondering how my man is faring through all this Wardrobe Challenge stuff.

Well, he's felt the need to step up his dress attire from REI's uniform of technical shirts and windproof pants.

I love the barefoot look + the short tie. Nice combo.

I'm just kidding, y'all. Matt hasn't crossed over to the corporate look, he was just getting his clothes together for a wedding.

I almost said outfit, but no man wants to be told he's wearing an outfit. Am I right?

Anyways, this picture was really taken for Ammah because two years ago when we were going to a wedding every other weekend Matt had no dress pants that fit him well. Then for a birthday (or Christmas or something), Ammah got him a nice pair of slacks...that still didn't fit. She made us solemnly swear we would replace them with a pair that fit nice. So over a year ago we did. And until then that pair has hung in the closet with the tags still attached.

Until now.

So Ammah, be happy. Matt is wearing pants that actually fit.

And on that note congrats to our friend Paul Fazzio who tied the knot last Saturday!

On another note, here's the latest look from the other male in my life. Yes, my Roy Boy. Matt was snapping one of the Wardrobe Challenge shots for me and couldn't resist taking this of Roy who was sitting so nicely.

I think he was expecting treats to pop out of the camera or something.

So here's Day 23--last Friday, that is. I keep finding skirts stuck waaaay in the back of the closet. I think this may be this skirt's final hour, though. This was originally one of those cheap, Forever 21 skirts that I got for my Africa trip. Though it has served me well I think its lasted one season too long and is beginning to pill and the belt is falling apart. But you can't tell from the picture, right?

And I was getting a bit tired of the plain old black/grey combo. It needed some life and color.

Enter cheapie fun flats.

Those boxes in the background? Christmas decorations. Yup. They were still waiting to be put away...thanks for doing that last night, honey!

Saturday, Day 24, I meant to take a before and after picture of my haircut.

Do you know that other than my haircut from the fabulous Michelle Talbott (click HERE to see her website, she listens to what you want and does a fantastic job!), every single hair cut I've gotten in the past FOUR years they have straight ironed my hair?!

EVERY S.I.N.G.L.E. one.
No matter what I say at the beginning, "I don't flat iron my hair. I will never flat iron my hair. Do not flat iron my hair. Do not cut it so it only looks good flat ironed..." they always always always finish with the flat iron!

And they say in this condescending tone, "It really isn't that hard and won't take that long!" as they whip out the iron and proceed to spend 40 minutes making my hair look lifeless and like a rat chewed on the ends.

I'm having deja vu...have I blogged about this before?

Well, anyways, I had this whole speech lined up and was prepared to walk out of the salon should I see one more beautician whip out a flat iron. Luckily my stylist acutally listened to me and stayed far away from that limp-hair-inducing tool. I think she was new because she kept scraping my ear with the comb and burned my forehead with the blow dryer, but she was meticulous in the cutting and I think it looks pretty good. Not as good as yours, Michelle, of course.

Needless to say I forgot to take either a before OR after picture. That's what happens when Matt goes out of town. I lose my mind and forget to take pictures and go shopping and buy shoes and stay up way too late.

Oh wait, I do that anyways.

So this is Day 25 Version 1. I thought we were going to church after I picked Matt up from the airport and we were too late for the first service so we went home and made breakfast. Then looked up and were too late for the second service. Oh well, one more dress down!

And this was for the Superbowl party. As you can see, I was rooting for the Colts but really it was a win-win situation since the Saints had never been and Katrina and all that other heart warming stuff about them. I still like Peyton, though.

And with that outfit (actually the one before since these are actually yoga pants. Stretchy pants are a must for parties where you expect to fill up on beer, chips and pizza), thus endeth round one of the pants/skirts cycle.

I can wear my blue jeans again! Hooray!

Wow, this is a long one.

Spotlight today goes once again to Samaritan's Purse. I know I did them Day 2 but my friend Abbey reminded me about them again with this quote:

The cost of just one Superbowl ad slot could provide daily clean water for 167,000 families in Haiti. Sobering!

And that's worth mentioning again.

Click HERE to donate to Samaritan's Purse.

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  1. Samaritan Purse is an AMAZING organization!