Saturday, September 17, 2011

Packing for a Move...With a Baby

I'm not gonna lie.  Its been challenging. 

Last week my best friend Charissa drove up to help us and her timing was perfect.  Tatum got her first vaccine (which I know is an explosive issue, but we're only doing a select few and one at a time, and saving most of them  for when she's 2 or older) and consequentially didn't feel too well for a few days and was only happy when held. So I held Tatum and tried to work one-handed while Charissa proved her rock star abilities and packed up most of the house.

Since then, some days I've gotten more done when she's been happy in her bouncer or swing, but then there were days like yesterday where she was crying, nursing or asleep.  She wasn't even happy just being held like she normally is when just fussy.  She didn't have a fever so it was hard to tell if she wasn't feeling well or just was a little overwhelmed with everything going on.  

So I would nurse her to sleep, gently transfer her to her Moses basket, wash two dishes, she'd wake up crying, I'd hold her, nurse her to sleep again, transfer her to her bouncer, pack half a box, she'd wake up get the idea. 

Nursing every 30 minutes gets tiring. And when do you have time to pump so that you can go longer than 30 minutes without having to nurse?

Then again she is awfully sweet when she's asleep in her basket--which will be her bed for the next two weeks so Mama and Daddy can have the bed. 

For packing with a baby under 3 months, all I can say is be prepared to be patient.  You're not going to get all you want to do done in a day. 

I just keep looking at her and thinking that its worth that it takes two weeks to pack instead of a few days...

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  1. She is beaaautiful. I love her hair! Hang in there, Kait... you and Matt are doing a great job. Shout out to Charissa too for being a lifesaver.