Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tatum's Seventh Week

First--the weekly pic!

Seven weeks! I'll add the cute little words on her onesie when we get our other computer back...I miss Photoshop...

And now, for the start of our Tour de Tatum!

This is us the last night in our old place...

One of our pods packed to maximum capacity...
(more story later, we've got to get on the road!)

My trusty 4runner Max all loaded to the gills

My view for the next 2600 miles

Getting lost trying to find a taco least its beautiful! Seattle just had to throw us for one more loop!

Taking a break!

Trying to get the state sign...barely missed it!

We got to meet up with my cousin Michael and his wife Sarah and son Jadon near Portland

More to come later!

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