Saturday, January 28, 2012

Its A Doggy Dog World

On Friday Matt and I got up early and headed to get our Oklahoma license plates and drivers licenses. 

Four hours and lots of senior citizen gossip later we had them.

We are now officially Oklahomans!

Never thought I'd hear myself say that...

On my way home, I was about to turn into the neighborhood when I spied two dogs trotting along the side of the busy street.

Most of you know about Roy getting hit by a car four days after we brought him home, and so the thought of someone else's dogs getting hurt just squeezes my little ole' heart. 

So I pull into the neighborhood, park, and run to try to get them.  They've headed down the road, though, and are nearing the other entrance to the neighborhood.  I jump back in the car and beeline it down the street, pull up to the entrance and meet them just in time.  I open the back door, give a friendly call, and a large, white husky mix and a smaller chihuahua/German pinscher/terrier dog hop into my car.

Great, they're safe!

Now what do I do?

I head home, tell my mom, and we put Roy in a bedroom while letting them into the backyard.  They're just the friendliest girls you ever met, already warming up to us and so loving!

Problem is there's no collars or tags, and we have a raging beast in the bedroom.

Yes, Roy.  He's got an issue with other dogs.

He doesn't like them.

When we let him out of the bedroom and he finally saw them in the backyard, he went berserk. 

We finally drug him away and put him in the bedroom again while he paced and snuffed and huffed.

I made some signs and posted them at the entrance of the neighborhood, and posted them on craigslist as well.

Then we waited and played musical dogs, shuffling them in the garage or bedroom or backyard to keep them all apart. 

The men get home from work and are none too happy seeing these extra creatures in the house that my mom and I are trying really hard not to bond with.

It was even implied by some male members of the household that we just let them out and they'll find their way home.

Are you crazy??? we asked.  First of all, what if they didn't?  What if they did get hit by cars? Not only would I hate for that to happen, but I know if I ever hit a dog I would be seriously emotionally messed up for a bit. I couldn't let that happen to someone else.

During dinner my phone rang, and I picked up to, "Hi, my name is Keith and I'm hoping you still have my dogs?" YES! I replied. "Oh thank you! I have a four-year-old daughter and she's had them her whole life and you just made her day!" In the background I could hear little sniffles.  

Yes, my heart melted, too.

A few minutes later Keith picked up his dogs.  He said he'd love to offer us money but had been out of a job for a month and a half and had just had gallstones removed.  Heidi and Nora, as we found out the dogs names were, obviously were his dogs as the husky quite literally jumped up and hugged him.

So we waved goodbye to our new friends and sat back down to dinner while Roy pranced around the house, King of his domain once again.

'Doggy dog world' is a beautiful world full of little puppies." -- Gloria from "Modern Family"

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  1. Good for you Kait... you did a good deed. Did you hear about us rescuing the 4 dogs from the burning house next door? We hav had then for 2 weeks now and their owners hope to have a house to live in by this Tuesday. The news chanels 2, 5 and 7 all did news stories on it and Linda and Steph were on TV. There was also an article in the register with 9 photos.