Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tatum's Twenty-Second Week

You'll have to forgive us about Week 21...it was lost in wrapping paper and pajama days and snuggles.  Ten days of five adults waiting to hold Tatum and she's going through withdrawals now everyone's back at work.  Every time I put her in her exersaucer or walker she looks at me like, "Hello?! I'm supposed to be held!"

Ammah flew in the night of the 22nd and this is basically what we did for the next week:

Stared at Tatum.

Our family in Colorado got her this ADORABLE faux fur jacket that's the softest thing you've ever felt! We put her in it in just her diaper and let her enjoy the sensation!

The kid's going to be ruined for life.

I can see her at six years old ordering steamed clams at the drive through of Carl's Jr....oh wait, that was me.  Like mother like daughter?

Christmas was loads of fun for us.  We took all day opening our presents, stopping to play with Tatum, get coffee, eat a cinnamon roll, open a present, play with our present, get more coffee, stare at Tatum...you get the idea.

On Christmas morning I think Roy was the most excited one of the bunch! He ran around panting and stared at his stocking until I finally gave him a bone.  Then he just ran in between everyone until he finally burrowed under the tree in sheer happiness.

Ammah got some good snuggle time in...

Matt and Uncle Jeremiah put together Tatum's walker (we bribed them with stockings)

And at the end of the night we continued the Curran tradition of "The Riddle" leading to (usually) the 'biggest' present.  

Matt got...

A can of green beans!

Just kidding...we like to throw people off about what's in the box, too.

He got the new Batman: Arkam City Xbox game and a bonsai for his office.

I got...

A 50mm lens! With which I can take lovely, shallow field of depth pics!

Like this pic of my other favorite gift:

A mommy necklace! This is the line at the end of the children's book Guess How Much I Love You, and when I saw it on Etsy I fell in love with it.  Its by Eclectic Wendy Designs...if you're curious.

In other news the sellers did not take our offer on the Sunny Hollow house (they sort of laughed at us by countering higher than the asking price), so we're continuing the house hunt...

I'm beginning to miss my cast iron skillet.

Is that weird?

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