Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tatum's Twenty-Fifth Week

Yup, Roy made it into the weekly picture again.

He and Tatum are, like, so into each other (insert valley-girlish voice).

Actually he came in quite handy as she started to get the boo-boo lip out when I laid her down on the fabric, and then Roy went over and lay down beside her and saved the day!

She's just fascinated with him these days--she watches him when he goes by, reaches for him, and occasionally grabs an ear and hangs on for dear life.  Poor Roy.  But he doesn't seem to mind it too much as he keeps going back for more!

Towards the end of the shoot I sat Tatum up for a bit...

...and then she saw how close Roy was and lunged at him.  Before I could grab her she had face-planted right on Roy's face.  I picked up up and put her in my lap right away, wondering if she was going to cry.  Roy had jumped up, but then came over to her and sniffed her (quite loudly) from head to toe, as if to make sure she was okay.  I think that distracted her from thanks again, Roy!

I thought about using this as the weekly pic...they're all so darn adorable its hard to choose...

Our little Tater Tot is getting much more squirmy and opinionated every day! If she's not happy about something she lets you know! She'll go on these angry rambles of jabbering that we call "baby profanity."

When she is excited her whole body flails in utter joy! She's lately begun waving her arms over her head when she's happy.  If she wants something, she goes for it with everything she's got...I love that about her.

Since last week I've applied to six different part-time jobs...we'll see if any pan out.  

For now I'm doing things I wished I had had time to do when working full time like making homemade chicken stock, yogurt, cooking dinner every night (I actually enjoy it, contrary to some opinions), and all those other lovely mommy things like laundry, playing, stuffing diapers, picking up the house, more laundry, reading Tatum books, running errands, taking pictures, cleaning up spit up, paying bills, working on the budget, more laundry, stuffing diapers again, playing on the floor, watching Tatum learn something new and get super excited about it, picking up a surprising amount of toys for one so young, and, yes, more laundry.

And people wonder what stay at home moms do all day...

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