Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tatum's Messy Twenty-Third Week

Here's my 27 inch long 23-week-old!

She's outgrowing her 9-month clothes and I'm now trying to find 12-month sleepers!

This week has been a bit...messy.

First off, we put another offer in on a house.  We really like this one (although admittedly not as much as the last one...which still hasn't sold...), but found out two other offers were made the day before we made here's hoping once again!

A few days ago, it was a nice, lovely morning when I took Tatum's diaper off to practice some EC potty-tunity.  She's been tinkling when I take her diaper off, recently, so at least I had the foresight to lay her on our leather couch as opposed to my parent's fabric one while I got the potty...because when I turned around she was swimming in a giant puddle of pee!  Not only that, but it got all over my robe and pajamas, too! Everyone got a rinse and a change!

Later that day we headed to the doctor's for Tatum's 5 month check up and after they weighed her I asked if I should put her diaper back on.  "No, she's fine," the nurse replied.  I had a cloth diaper under her bum just in case, but the wiggle worm just scooted to the side and peed all over the examining table and down the side.

I can't believe how much her little bladder can hold!

Then yesterday, somehow she pooped all up her front.  And in the past few days she's discovered her...well, we call it a doobie. Its turning out to be so fun to explore when the diaper comes off! So when I pulled back this icky gross poo poo diaper that's spread all up into her belly button what's the first thing she does?

Grabs her doobie.

So then I wipe her hands and disinfect them (because they're constantly in her mouth) while her nasty butt is still squirming all over the changing table...and I realize someone didn't put a plastic liner in the trash can! Oh wait...that someone was me.

My bad.

So I use my left arm to pin her arms up and somehow open the cloth diaper bag zipper one-handed so I can use cloth wipes to clean her up.

She's still thinking this is some great new game of catch-the-doobie so we have a ten minute messy wrestle that ended with me using the rest of the cloth wipes that were clean and using hand sanitizer to completely disinfect her whole body and my hands and arms up to the elbow!

At least she had a great time.

And I think she's starting to teethe...which isn't such a great time...

And she loooves Roy.  Who puts up with her pulling his ears and clawing his face with her little razor-like fingers.

What a good boy...

And one last picture, because most people who just see pics of the Tater think her hair is dark, it really is lighter and totally blonde at the roots...

All the time I've got for now, the angel is waking up...

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